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World-first footage by Minke whales taken with CATS Cams

(published: 2018-03-19)

The latest project of Dr Ari Friedlander (Oregon State University), Prof. Jeremy Goldbogen and Dr Dave Cade (Stanford University) saw the CATS Cam, once again, taken to the Antarctic. This time they were trying to tag Minke whales and Orcas. The project was supported by WWF Australia and it was the first time that any […]




CATS uses global Vodafone for GSM tags

(published: 2017-09-12)

CATS now managed to get global Vodafone contract for their CATS GSM devices. This is an important step to enhance the global coverage of the CATS GSM devices with one service provider to cover the planet. The user can now just switch on the device and is almost guaranteed to have network coverage.




CATS-GSM now switched to 3/4G

(published: 2017-06-08)

CATS has now responded to the US market’s decision to turn off their 2G network with the introduction of their new 3/4G capable CATS-GSM. With only a minor increae in size and weight, the new CATS-GSM tag performs now even faster and with more data throughput, making the collection and transmission of large data sets […]