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CATS Flight Diary (CFD)

CFD 3D viewResearchers around the world have the desire to record more and more precise data to satisfy their detailed questions. The CATS-Flight-Diary is just the tool to provide data to answer those questions. It has been developed primarily to resolve the super-fine-scale flight movement of birds. Its very fast and accurate GPS sampling (10Hz) associated with the fine barometric sensor (+/- 20cm) and its IMU sampling up to 800 Hz, results in a special device that lets you analyze  animal movement and speed to a degree rarely seen before in animal research. Foremost, this is achieved via the interface between the CFD and the soon to come software developed by  CATS, the CATS-Visualizer. It allows the user to upload the data directly from the CFD and recreate all 3-D motion of the recorded device.


Fully programmable multi-sensor platform

Solar-charged (optional)

Up to 1600 Hz sampling rate

Switchable RAW/NAV GPS (cm-precise positioning)

Graphical live-view IMU

Smart power management

Reciprocal sensor control

Small footprint (starts at 25g)

and more…..


Download spec sheet (PDF)



Sample videos