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What: Dugong
When: August 2012
Where: Pilbara Coast, WA
Tech: CATS-Sat-tag


Ningaloo Reef

What: Whale shark
When: May 2012
Where: Western Australia
Tech: CATS-Cam


New Caledonia

What: Dugong
When: February 2012
Where: New Caledonia
Tech: CATS-Cam, VHF, attachmnet
Service: Capture and deployment


Lady Eliott Island

What: Manta Ray
When: February 2012
Where: Lady Eliott Island, Australia
Tech: CATS-Diary
Service: Field support


Ocen Sunfish Ireland

What: Ocean Sunfish
When: 2007
Where: Dingle, Ireland
Tech: Daily-Diary, VHF
Service: Attachment, field support


Northern Quoll

What: Nothern Quoll
When: June 2012
Where: Groote Eylandt, Australia
Tech: GPS-tracker modification
Service: Field support, deployment


Spermwhale, Azores

What: Spermwhale
When: June 2008
Where: Faial Island, Azores
Tech: CATS-Diary, VHF
Service: Deployement, attachment


Northern Fur Seal

What: Northern Fur Seal
When: 2006/08
Where: Pribilof Islands
Tech: PPT, GPS, Daily Diary
Service: Field support


Cape York Crocodiles

What: Saltwater crocodile
When: August 2006
Where: Cape York
Tech: Diary-Tag, VHF, Sonar
Service: Field support, analysis


Weddell Seals Antarctica

What: Weddell Seal
When: 2003/04
Where: Drescher Inlet, Antartica
Tech: Dead reckoner, IMASEN
Service: Field support, data analysis


Romo Seals

What: Harbour Seal
When: 2001-05
Where: North Sea
Tech: Dead reckkoner, IMASEN, PTT, GPS, pop-off release
Service: Attachment development, fieldwork, data analysis


Patagonia Elephant Seals

What: Elephant Seal
When: 2008
Where: Valdes Peninsula
Tech: Daily diary, PTT, VHF
Service: Field support


Penguin Island

What: Blue Penguin
When: March 2012
Where: Penguin Island WA
Tech: SAT tracker


Leatherback turtle

What: Leatherback turtle
When: May 2007
Where: St Croix, Carribean


Green and Hawksbill turtle

What: Green and Hawksbill turtle
When: June 2013
Where: Coffs Harbour, Australia
Tech: CATS Cam


Great White

What: Great white
When: July 2013
Where: South Africa
Tech: CATS-Cam, CATS-Diary


Basking shark

What: Basking shark
When: June 2013
Where: Ireland
Tech: CATS-Cam, CATS-Diary



What: Spermwhale
When: 2016
Where: Dominica
Tech: CATS-Cam, VHF
Service: Field support



What: Orca
When: 2016
Where: Andenes Norway
Service: Field support


Humpback whale

What: Humpback whale
When: 2015
Where: Antarctica
Tech: CATS-Cam, VHF


Lemon shark

What: Lemon shark
When: July 2016
Where: Seychelles
Tech: CATS-Diary